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Welcome one and all to the NOKMN podcast. My name is John Lewis and I will be your host. My goal is to start the dialogue that will lead us to a better understanding and the truth about who we are our successes, mistakes and beliefs and how those things play a significant role in shaping our identities that exist in today's society. For the record, there's nothing special about me,  like your average Joe I am average John.  The only difference is that I have amassed a multitude of knowledge from several sources in my life and continuously use it to convey a better understanding for all. My life experience includes military service, a minister,  20 plus years as a registered nurse and an author. To get a better glimpse about my early life experience I would suggest you go to my website or simply go to Amazon and look for the book: the enemy within by John Lewis. The NOKMN website will also allow you to sign up for CPR classes, but while there please check out my store for the latest apparel of the NOKMN brand. But enough about me let's dig in to the foundation of the truth. No one knows my name is an acronym I created when my vigorous studies could not produce the name of our creator. I know some tend to believe in the few names given to us throughout our history however a true response can only be achieved when the recipient or shall I say owner of the name is really identified. But to keep things simple for now I think it is better to start with the basics. Before I begin today's episode I would just like to remind all the listeners that the NOKMN website accepts donations.  If you enjoy the message and episodes feel free to donate at least a penny for your thought and I can guarantee you what you receive is more than what you bought.

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